4 oz Bath Soak | 100 mg CBD

[ T H E   D E S C R I P T I O N ]

A luxurious blend of salts and oils infused with rose quartz crystals to encourage self-love and the release of stress. This calming bath soak nourishes both your skin and your soul with its sweet and loving vibes and citrus floral aroma. The energy from the rose quartz crystal promotes peace and a sense of well being, while the salt helps to draw out toxins and stagnant energy while promoting a state of deep relaxation while calming the nervous system. Rejuvenating salts ease muscle tension allowing for a truly immersive luxurious bathing experience.

[ T H E   I N T E N T I O N ]

to feel loved + calm + loving vibrations

[ T H E   R I T U A L ]

After setting an intention for your bath ritual, add your salts into a warm tub. Add the rose quartz crystal into the water and soak until completely relaxed.

[ W E   B E L I E V E ]

Self-care is doing a deliberate activity to enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health for a better quality of life.

At PHOX Wellness, we believe in self care, positivity, daily rituals, and mindfulness when it comes to your personal health & wellness. We believe that each journey of self care and transformation should be a personal one, a sacred one, & an overall meaningful experience for each individual. Incorporating daily rituals can have a undeniable impact on your overall wellbeing.

We encourage you to purposefully take a moment, take a deep breathe, and to set a positive intention. Our collection of self-care products can help you to truly be present with an intention of healing, good vibes, and overall well being. 

  • ✓100% Natural, Vegan, & Cruelty-Free Bath Salts                             
  • ✓All organic ingredients
  • ✓Soothes dry or irritated skin with deep hydration
  • ✓Relax sore muscles and ease tension
  • ✓Good for one bath

Rose Quartz – Calms the heart + promotes peace + love ( one hand-selected rose quartz gemstone included with each bottle )

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – The purest form of salt with 80+ minerals, prevents muscle cramping and aids in metabolism function.

Dead Sea Salt - Rich in minerals, dead sea salt has a range of benefits for your skin including detoxifying your body and reducing inflammation.

Jojoba Oil - With its anti-inflammatory properties, jojoba helps tame the skin by keeping it calm and comfortable. The Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins in the Jojoba oil help in skin repair and damage control.

Grapefruit Essential Oil- Bursting with aroma, Grapefruit oil is used to reduce stress, stimulate circulation, increase energy, and enhance mood.

Bergamot Essential Oil – Bergamot is an uplifting, refreshing oil, which helps to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Lemongrass Essential Oil- The soothing and calming effects of lemongrass oil has the power to ease the pain, tension, or pressure that can cause headaches. Boosts confidence, self-esteem, reduces anxiety, and fights depression.

CBD- CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and body when applied topically.


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