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Not all CBD is created equal. With so many different products on the market, choosing the right products can be a challenge. Cannabis products come in so many different concentrations, sizes, and ratios that one drop of one product does not equal one drop of another. It is very important when choosing a product to read all the labels thoroughly. You can use our dosage calculator to make a more informed & economical decision. This calculator helps you work out how much CBD (in milligrams-mg) are in each drop of a given product and how much you should take for your desired dose. The advantages of our CBD dosage calculator are:

ACCURATE PRICE COMPARISON BETWEEN PRODUCTS: Price shopping for CBD probably isnt the best idea for your health or your pocket. Locating the total active CBD mg amount on the label and/ or lab report is very important **Just because the product says 500mg DOES not always mean there are 500 active mg of CBD in there.

FINDING THE CORRECT DOSE: Knowing your dosage amount allows you to get optimal use out of the product & overall consistency when experimenting with amounts.

BUDGETING & FINANCIAL PLANNING: CBD is not a band-aid and should be implemented into your daily routine. Understanding the long term costs of different products and their dosage amounts is important for your wallet and budget.


Step 1: Enter your desired dosage amount

A typical starting dose of CBD ranges from 5 – 15mg.

Dose in milligrams (mg):

Step 2: Your product information

Total product volume (ml): Usually 15 to 60 ml

Total CBD in product (mg): Ranges from 250 – 2500 mg

Price of product ($): For price / serve breakdown

Number of drops per ml: Usually 20 drops / ml

Your product information

CBD concentration: 0
Number of drops in the bottle: 0
Number of servings per bottle: 0
Price per mg of CBD: 0
CBD in each drop (mg): 0
Number of drops for desired dosage: 0