300mg  1 OZ (30ml) Pure CBD Isolate.

Our 99%+ CBD Isolate PET PLUS dropper is a wonderful supplement for preventative health for your pet. Since mammals have an endocannabinoid system as well, taking CBD can help keep your pets system in balance emotionally and physically. It helps support cardiovascular function which is always a plus for your pet at any age. CBD contributes to your pets healthy skin and coat, it supports healthy muscles and joints, and widely promotes overall wellness neurologically and emotionally.

CBD has no known toxicity level and is completely non psychoactive. It is also incapable of causing an overdose, which makes it safe for your pet.

PET PLUS can help pets with: Seperation Anxiety, Noise Phobias, Seizures, Gastrointestinal Issues, Overall Wellness, Joint and Muscle Pain, Inflammation, Symptoms of Cancer and Tumor Growth, Skin Dryness, Skin Issues, Nausea, Allergies, Glaucoma, and Arthritis. 

INGREDIENTS: CBD Isolate, Coconut Oil

RECOMMENDED USE:  Drops can be administered orally by adding desired amount into your pets mouth. If your pet has any skin irritations or wounds, apply isolate directly on the area for fast relief and healing. You can also add a few drops to your pets water bowl. 

99%+ PURE CBD: Third party lab tested for guaranteed purity and potency.

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